Hotel Branding

Stand Out from the Crowd with our Hotel Branding Services

When it comes to successful hotel brand development, understanding your target audience’s needs and emotions is critical. How do you want your guests, both current and prospective, to feel when they encounter your brand? We motivate guests to join your journey by speaking their language. The Sunshine Gals have a gift for researching and understanding target audiences. We use engaging brand elements, including colors, logos and advertising creative, to speak directly to guests’ vacation dreams. We create consistent, powerful brands that create affinity and trust, whether they’re employed in a print ad, a billboard, or a social media banner.

Hotel Brand Development

We begin with Discovery, where we develop the strategy and value proposition that will become the foundation of the new brand identity. It is the most crucial part of the overall process as it will inform your entire communications effort moving forward. We define key competitors and points of difference and lead our clients through our proprietary brand wayfinding exercise. This exercise focuses on further defining your mission, vision, value proposition as well as the tone and voice of the new brand.

This culminates in a “mindset and positioning” presentation with recommendations for identity – including brand design, brand name and key messaging.  The “mindset and positioning” presentation is based on our clients’ core values, capability, culture and category, discovered during our wayfinding exercise. It will include core values, brand tone, unique value proposition and branded options that translate those key findings to our target audience. This includes succinct design that communicates to our target and why they should care. We shape your hotel’s value proposition so that the market doesn’t do it for us. We present a completed brand identity and key messaging for all communication vehicles including digital, social and print.

Hotel Brand Application

Based on findings form the “mindset and positioning” presentation, the Sunshine Gals will present brand application and brand story options that will apply to both print and digital material. This presentation will offer options of brand tone (including fonts, color palette, positioning, brand story) that can be applied to many applications such as the website, social media, print advertising, signage, merchandise, public relations, etc. Brand Story includes Narrative Arc, Manifesto and About Us. We also create updated name/logo/tagline lockup, overall tone for website and social rebuild, and product/service architecture with associated graphics.  We present the Brand Identity Guidelines, which act as a manifesto for your hotel brand by providing clear and easy to follow instructions on proper and improper usage. The Sunshine Gals create and bring to life brands that enhance and extend your property’s customer journey across every platform of interaction.